Fast grid for desktop and mobile designed for HTML5

TypeScript, Angular and Knockout compatible, fully customizable grid. TGrid can work on any device and any screen resolution. TGrid grid supports any number of rows that can be loaded dynamically when user scrolls or selects page.

Fast and Smart

TGrid is fully compatible with Angular, Knockout.JS, TypeScript and JQuery and has weak dependency on these technologies. This means that you can use TGrid with any this technology or without any. You can even implement your own adapter for your own technology.

TGrid supports grouping, sorting, filtering, lazy loading (virtualization) in any combination on any device.

TGrid is fully customizable. You can define header template, cell template, footer template, filtering popup, filtering logic and many more features.

Ready for mobile touch devices

Out-of-the-box, TGrid is ready for touch. TGrid supports all touch events and works perfectly on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. TGrid automatically changes layout from classical table to detailed list when screen size is changed.

All features including virtual scrolling and grouping are working on both layouts. Even scroll position is preserved after layout is changed.

Try this link on mobile device.